Most of us have a daily routine. In the morning, we get up, we get dressed. We get ready for the day. We feed ourselves, our kids, our pets, and it’s out the door.

After spending the bulk of the day (or night) serving our patients, our patrons, our clients and our boss, we’re off to home, or to our favorite spot to unwind, the gym, the park, whatever. And then home, where we feed ourselves, our kids, our pets, play with them a bit and then put them down for the night. Then perhaps read a book, or watch a little TV before going to bed. And maybe, just maybe, we might give God what’s left over, as we say a little prayer.

Four years ago God challenged me to turn that around. He challenged me to put him first instead of last, to stop giving him “The Leftovers”.

I accepted that challenge by getting up 30 minutes earlier every day to be alone with Him, to read my bible and pray.  The result has been nothing less than life changing.  So I issued the “No More Leftover” challenge to Alta Vista and we are now more than half way through our third year of reading through the TYNDALE ONE YEAR BIBLE (NLT) together. The result has been life changing.

So now I challenge you, to stop giving God what’s left over at the end of the day.  To start giving him the first 30 minutes of each day for the next 30 days.  Or better yet, give him the first 30 minutes of each day the next year, and read through the Bible with us. 

I promise you, if you get into God’s word, His word will get into you, and it will be…life changing!